Mom Must-Haves for Toddler Life, bathroom edition.

Bringing toddlers into a bathroom is one of those necessary evils. There are so many ways things can go wrong, and quickly. Here are some of the things we use in our bathroom that make our lives easier, at least that’s what I tell myself.

Faucet Extender: Instead of bringing the toddler to the water, bring the water to the toddler. We have the Prince Lionheart Faucet Extender, from Amazon, of course.
Bathroom Stools: Unless you have a miniature sink, you’ll probably still need to bring the toddler to the water, even with the faucet extender. The trick is to find the right one for your space. In one bathroom, we use the bottom half of the Summer Infant Right Height Tub. While it is sometimes fun to stand on a stool while you do your make-up or whatever, mostly I try not to trip over it. In our other bathroom, we use a stool my husband made. When not in use, it does fit nicely between the vanity and the toilet. This placement also helps Zach climb onto the bathroom counter early in the morning–wait, that’s a bad thing. We have one more stool that I love for it’s convenience, and both my kids are able to operate it impressively. This folding stool would be a great option for a bathroom. You could even install a hook and hang the stool in (or out of) toddler reach!

Command Hooks: I use 3M Command Hooks to hang hand towels at toddler level. This way, when the first is done at the sink and I am helping the second get his own soap (btw. I will NEVER buy blue hand soap again), the first can dry his own hands, throw the towel on the floor, and then be asked to hang it up. Outside of our bathrooms, I use these hooks in the playroom so they can hang up their play bags. There is also one on the side of the play kitchen, which gives us another place to hang a bag and dump kitchen accessories. The possibilities are endless.

Non-traditional Bath Toys: Of course we have our rubber duckies and squirters, but they are so gross. My kids drink out of them! I’ve tried the hot glue trick of sealing the holes, but invariably, someone squeezes hard enough or picks long enough that the glue comes out. What’s really popular in our tub, besides empty yogurt containers? Dinosaurs. I got them a Toob of dinosaurs and the boys spend forever playing with them in the bath. They’re prefect because they don’t store water and they’re super easy to clean-they keep me sane. (They also fit in empty apple sauce containers and you can freeze them into dinocubes, which are also fun in the bath.)

Boon Grass Drying Rack: Besides being my favorite drying rack in the kitchen, this is also my love-hate bathroom counter top holder. I love it, because it is toddler accessible, perfect for holding toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes, and allows water cups and medicine droppers to dry nicely without rolling around. I wish we could just put everything out of sight when we aren’t using it, but for now, I feel like this allows the boys to “put away” their things and keeps tooth brushes from touching/laying in puddles on the counter/falling into the toilet, etc.

I hope some of the things that make our bathroom time a little bit easier might help you as well.





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Ben has it all figured out

For Halloween, my boys were dinosaurs. I made them tails using this wonderful tutorial.

I meant to sew spikes onto their hats too, but it didn’t happen; regardless, the tails are super cute. The minute Zach put his on, he sent a grilled cheese sandwich (on a coffee table) flying while trying to look at his tail. Poor child. Halloween is now over, which means we’re moving on to other holidays.

Yesterday Ben asked me, “is today the wonderful day of Thanksgiving?” No, not yet. We’re still a few weeks out. Of course, with Halloween over, Christmas is very very imminent. Especially if you are four and aware of these things. As it turns out, Ben is aware of very many things.

Ben: Will we have two Christmases this year?
Me: Can you tell me what you mean by that?
Ben: Santa comes on Christmas Eve, how come I never see him?
Me: Because you are in bed asleep.
Ben: But I see two Santas at Grandma’s house?
Me: Oh?
Ben: Yes! I see Grandma Santa and then the Santa from the North!
Me: Oh really?
Ben: Yes, Grandma puts on Santa’s clothes.

With some 7ish weeks to go, according to my friend, I think I’ve decided what the grandparents will be getting this year. I won’t be able to say or post anything until after Christmas, because I’m pretty sure my mom is one of the 3 people who might actually read this, it should be really good.


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Fancy-pants Lined Envelopes

I used my Silhouette to create and cut a liner for my envelope.

The other day I was getting ready to make a birthday card and envelope, when I remembered I had some cute paper that would be great for lining the envelope. I knew it would be super easy to use my Silhouette to create an envelope liner, so I got to work.

I used my envelope template (you can download my Silhouette file, it includes an envelope, liner and directions). If you’re working with a different envelope template, I used the internal offset feature and point editing to create the liner.

From past, pre-Silhouette experience, I know that copy-weight paper is a lot easier to use as an envelope liner than card stock–card stock isn’t impossible, but it makes the envelope very stiff. If you’re cutting copy-weight paper, I also recommend using a light hold cutting mat.

envelope-on-matI used sketch pens to decorate the front of the envelope with a big ol’ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU and some cute music notes. Then, without ejecting the cutting mat, I cut my envelope. I folded the sides, bottom, and top, but because I was adding a liner, I did not fasten them yet.

Attach liner to the inside of envelope.

  1. Lay the liner flat inside the envelope, do not attach it to the envelope yet.
  2. Gently holding the liner in place, fold the top of the envelop and liner down.
  3. Using tape or glue, attach the bottom corners of the liner, making sure that the top fold of the liner stays nestled in the top fold of the envelope.
  4. Attach the three corners of the triangular part of the liner to the envelope with tape or glue.
  5. Now you can assemble the envelope by folding in the envelope sides and folding up the bottom. Use tape or glue.

Now you have a lined envelope! All done.

Front of EnvelopeI used my Silhouette to create and cut a liner for my envelope.



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