New Year, New House! Part I – The Outside

When we bought our house, it was an adorable, light green Cape Cod. (Read about our house story here.) Here’s a nice shot of our house from October, 2011, before we bought it. It looks like a warm, sunny autumn, and if memory serves me correctly–as it usually does–it was a mild winter.

October 2011

The collage directly below shows the original house from various angles, front, side, and back. Overkill? Probably. (November, 2011)

Since those early, 2011 shots above we purchased the house, replaced the downstairs windows, converted the patio into a screened-in porch, and cut down a ton of trees. We did a lot of work on the inside too, but that’s old news. The pictures below are from March, 2015. They were taken after signing a contract to do major renovations on the second story, before the work started, and after we had arrived home from Florida to find a substantial amount of snow! Take one last glance at our house before it was demolished; appreciate the snow’s romanticization of our little green home.

In April, they showed up and dug out the foundation for our garage. Very quickly, our garage had a frame. The back of our house, and the back of our yard, looked suddenly and drastically different! To read a goofy post about the necessities of a garage, click here.

On May 18, our garage had a framed roof. But, besides the roof peak beyond the porch and the permit displayed in our window, the front of our house looked pretty much the same. Until May 20th, and then I made a meme!


My mother and I took my boys to their 9:15am music class. When we were driving back to my parents house (since we weren’t living in ours), we saw this. Ben was a little upset and wanted to know who broke his house. Luckily, progress went quickly, check out what they did over the next month. Thank goodness for the warm and dry weather that was our spring.

There was a slight hold up with the siding, apparently we ran out twice, but the end result looks really nice!

I have these pictures because I tried to take pictures of the boys and the house for our Christmas card. It didn’t work out, but I guess I was able to recycle them!

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New Year, New House! Introduction

Over the past several years, my friends have moved and moved again. They have painted, remodeled, arranged furniture, decorated. Each time they’ve moved, I’ve asked for pictures. “I can’t wait to see what your new place/baby nursery/paint job looks like! Take pictures!” To date, the only way I’ve been able to seen any of it is when I’ve shown up in person. (Except for maybe one friend, who has definitely asked me to keep up my share of the picture taking in return—enabling me to have the pictures needed to start this update.) Nobody takes pictures, because nobody has time! This might be projection based on personal experience, but making a room look presentable, taking a decent picture, and uploading said picture takes a lot of effort and isn’t something I’ve been able to keep up with, thus the deterioration of my blog. However, since it is almost 2016, and since we are “on vacation” for the next week, I am going to put forth some serious effort and see if I can’t get something done.

Part I – The Outside

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Top 10 Reasons we Love a Garage

The other day, a Pinterest pin popped up on my feed. It was something about the best blog post titles; one of the suggestions was to use Top # ___ titles. I am not linguistically creative. I used to write stories all the time, but somewhere all my imagination has gone towards horrible what-if scenarios. Maybe I should write horror stories–jk jk, that would only make it worse. So, here we have it, a post on our garage, its progress, and why we are looking forward to it. To add to my amusement, I have taken it upon myself to speak for all of my family members. The list is below the pictures, because I strongly suspect people would rather look at pictures than read my nonsense.

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Our Top 10 List

  1. Loading kids into a car and buckling them into car seats in the winter, when the temperature is at or below freezing, is painful. My skin was rubbed raw daily. If you’re standing on a block of ice, trying to not slip while you maneuver 20+ pounds of child into a seat is also tricky. It’s awful in the summer, too. You get ready to go somewhere, and by the time you’re pulling out of the driveway, you’re drenched in sweat. I have two babies, I didn’t really need another reason to skip that shower. (me)
  2. I have left sleeping children in the car when the weather has been appropriate and my car has been in my line of sight the entire time. I also used cell phones to work as a baby monitor system. With the garage, I will have additional security to unload my car while my children sleep. (me)
  3. There are less opportunities for walking children to run from the car, into the street, where they can be instantly run over by a car, or just terrorize their mother. (me)
  4. Parking safely in your garage and getting into your house without going outside decreases your chances of being kidnapped or murdered by 10 percent. (me)
  5. Protecting our cars is important because a lot of our asset is tied up in them. We want them to last and retain their value as long as possible. (Matt)
  6. We have space for future, project cars. We also have space for MORE tools, bikes, toys, and most importantly, STROLLERS! (Matt)
  7. A garage increases the resale value of our house. (Matt)
  8. Garages are cool. I love garages. (Ben)
  9. My cars and bikes need a house. (Ben)
  10. As the first one in and the last one out of the car, being in the garage, instead of the open driveway, will make me feel less forgotten. (Zach)

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